High Quality Security Systems


At AW Sydney & Co, we are committed to using the highest quality products on the market. Our expert team is dedicated to providing the most reliable, long-lasting security systems to our valued customers. 

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A key component in making a property safe and secure is access, which makes high-quality locksmithing services a necessity. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience providing a full range of locksmith services.

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We offer an excellent range of electronic gate services throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas. We can custom build a gate to suit your exact design and style specifications, ensuring that you get the desired look and feel. 

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CCTV is an essential component of any security system. Whether you're a local business owner or simply want to protect your home, CCTV helps to give you peace of mind by showing you what’s going on around your property.

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High quality security systems

At AW Sydney & Co, we understand the importance of security. Whether you’re protecting your family, business or possessions, it's essential to have the right equipment. From electronic gates to CCTV systems, we offer a comprehensive range of safety services to make your property more secure. We are dedicated to saving our customers as much money as possible, and our extensive range of security services do just that, allowing you to get materials and assistance for all your safety needs under one roof. 

Decades of Experience

The team at AW Sydney & Co are your local specialists for safety and security services. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are experts on all the most advanced security systems on the market. Our team is passionate about the latest innovations in security systems, and keeping AW Sydney & Co at the forefront of technology to bring you the best possible safety solutions. 

Whether you're looking for locksmith services or an alarm system, we provide a 100% guarantee on our work, competitive prices, pensioner discounts, and 24/7 services to ensure you're taken care of.

Maintenance worker for security systems

Bosch Alarm Systems

We offer an excellent range of Bosch alarm systems to suit any kind of environment. Whether you require a low-budget alarm system for your home or a large-scale industrial alarm system, we'll help to find the right one for you.

Concept 4000 Security

One of our most advanced alarm systems is the Concept 4000. Suitable for both households and large businesses, this system has proven to be hugely popular with customers throughout Sydney due to its reliability and versatility. 

Intercom Installation & Repair

Our team has a wealth of experience working with all kinds of intercom systems. If your existing system has a fault or you have questions about how it works, give our team a call today.

Hikvision IP CCTV System Installation

We offer Hikvision IP CCTV and its new range of Digital IP camera products. After experiencing the quality of the digital Hikvision system, there's no way you'll go back to an analogue system.

Electronic gate Installation & Repair

Electronic gates make your property impossible to access without a key fob or code, ensuring that you have complete control over who can access your property.

Locksmith Services

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we've worked on locksmithing jobs of all shapes and sizes. We currently hold approximately 1000 restricted key systems throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas.

Salto Locking Systems

We've installed Salto systems in a wide variety of commercial buildings. From nursing homes to private schools, Salto gives you complete control of the building, allowing you to lock and unlock doors to permit access to areas.

EVVA restricted keys

EVVA is a high-security key system that’s designed to be pick-resistant. This guarantees that the only way somebody can gain access to your home or office building is if they possess an authorised key.

For more information about our high quality security services, or for a free quote, call our friendly team today on 1300 365 112 

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