High Quality Security Systems



At AW Sydney & Co, we believe it’s our duty to give you the most secure property possible. Whether you’re a homeowner trying to look after your family, or a large business owner with expensive equipment in your building, it’s essential to have a secure environment that you know is going to be safe when you walk out the door.

EVVA restricted key systems

If you’re a local business owner or you control the security for a commercial building in the Sydney metropolitan area, look no further than EVVA’s restricted key systems. EVVA is a high-security key system that’s designed to be pick-resistant. This guarantees that the only way somebody is getting into your building is with an authorised key, so you can have complete peace of mind regarding the safety of your property. 

At AW Sydney & Co, we have installed EVVA restricted key systems in a broad range of commercial buildings. The system has been tried and tested in hospitals, nursing homes and even correctional facilities, so you know you're getting a system you can rely on. We also offer a complete range of inline restricted keying systems for all your needs.

We currently hold over 1000 keying systems throughout the area, so we’re fully confident that we’ll be able to improve the security of your building.

To enquire about installing an EVVA restricted key system, or for a free quote, call us on 1300 365 112 .

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