High Quality Security Systems


Quality Security System Installation in Sydney

When it comes to reliable alarm systems, Bosch is at the top. We have been using the Bosch brand for many years and have always found it to be dependable and secure, giving our customers the peace of mind they are looking for. This experience with Bosch has given us a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the products, how they work and how to install them. 
One of our most advanced alarm systems is the Concept 4000. This system proves hugely popular with customers throughout Sydney due to its huge reliability and versatility. Suitable for both households and large businesses, the Concept 4000 is a top quality alarm unit that can help to protect your property when it’s empty.
At AW Sydney & Co, we have our own resident intercom experts, fully equipped to provide you with the perfect intercom system for your property. Whether you’re looking for a simple home intercom or multi-storey system for an apartment block, we have you covered. We offer products from all the highest quality brands and regularly conduct work for Property Managers and Strata groups. We also provide wireless intercoms for customers looking for the latest safety technology.
We have carried out hundreds of electronic gate installations throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas, and their popularity is only growing along with their affordability. Electronic gates make your property impossible to access without a key fob or code, ensuring the only people that can get in are those to whom you’ve granted access. This gives you complete control over who can enter your home, giving you and your family peace of mind. 
One of the most popular brands we offer is Hikvision and its new range of Digital IP camera products. After experiencing the quality of the digital Hikvision system, there’s no way you could go back to an analogue system. A quick search of the Hikvision Darkfighter camera will show you exactly what it’s capable of, turning pitch-black night time footage into full-colour daylight. 

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